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WALMART – “The Walmart Box” – dir. Melissa McCarthy

Challenge: Walmart wanted to align themselves with an a-list female talent to direct a film that would promote their brand in a way that would be well integrated into The Oscars.  The only condition given was to start the story with the blue Walmart box. They wanted the talent to create the story, cast the piece, direct and edit the project.  

Insights: Walmart came to Pony Show to produce the shoot and cultivate the talent. Among the names we suggested was  Melissa McCarthy. She had already had experience in directing her own TV show, Mike & Molly, and was undoubtedly a household name. 


UNDER ARMOR – “Erase All Doubt” – dir. Peter Berg

Challenge: Under Armor thought Jamie Foxx was the kind of talent who would speak for their brand. They asked Pony Show to speak for them, so that he would accept the assignment.

Insights: To find a way to integrate the presence of Jamie Foxx with the talent of Stephen Curry, and have it resonate for the Under Armor brand.


KOTY – “Covet” – dir. Jean Paul Goude

Challenge: Koty came to Pony Show to find a way to communicate their signature fragrance with Sarah Jessica Parker called “Covet.” Pony Show chose Jean Paul Goude, whose career has included startling fashion images and lasting brand insights. 

Insight: Jean Paul purposed himself to come up with a campaign that used the name of the parfume in a fun and entertaining way. In turn, he developed a memorable campaign that captured a delightful side to Sarah Jessica Parker’s personality that the public had not seen before.


NBC’s The Voice – “Vocal Kombat” – dir. Peter Berg

Challenge: The Voice was set to premiere on NBC following the Superbowl. NBC came to Pony Show to create a TV commercial that would leave the audience glued to their seats to watch the premiere following the game.

Insights: NBC needed a spot to make a big splash and keep people’s attention. We had to do something big, bold, fun and loud! The resulting spot accentuated the role of the celebrities in the show and its entertainment value. 


ESPN – “Monday Night Football” – dir. Peter Berg

Challenge: ESPN came to Pony Show to create and produce their new opening to the legendary Monday Night Football game. 

Insight: Our plan was to play on the fact that Monday Night Football has remained an emblem in our lives throughout such important times in our country’s history. Here, we defined Monday Night Football as part of the continuum of American Pop Culture.

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